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When you choose to work with us, when you choose to pursue your project with us. You will have our attention to details. If we don’t have all the details we will get them for you, so you understand everything you need to know about what you are getting and/or buying.

Blind Repairs

In general we can fix most blind types from Major Manufacturers.

Cordless Blinds

With the new laws effective May/2022, all the blind suppliers have had an enormous task of re-creating most of the product line operations for lifting.

Drapery Toppers

When you're looking for drapery work and you know what you are looking for it's all about details.


Shutters are doors with tiltable louvers. Some of the best products on the market when it comes to durability with a 20 year warranty.

Shadow Magic

When it comes to softening a room nothing better than using a sheer type product which allows light and view but keeps most UV out and allows diffused sunlight in.

Exterior Drop Awnings

Discover Exterior Drop Awnings with Blind Adventures.

Problem Windows for Blinds

When designing a project consideration has to be given to the ease of use of any blind.

Perfect Fit Shades

Perfect fit shades are a low profile shade to fit on those garden doors where clearance is an issue.

2-Inch Blinds

A 2-inch product in aluminium, wood or faux wood blinds can still make an impact.

In-Home Consultation

We will take the time to understand your needs, and your household environment before we discuss any window Treatment.

We are ready to serve “You” whenever you are ready.

– Janie D.,

“I would have no hesitation recommending Ron and his company. He does a very professional job and I am very pleased with my choice of blinds and the installation.”